Blob Art by Nick L Curtis

Welcome to the Blobbo picture gallery!

The blobs start as paint on a brush that is gloriously spread onto a canvas, then remastered into high quality digital graphics with crisp lines and effects that bring the blobs back to life since drying.

The idea was to create a consistent 2D universe that embodies aspects of our world and tries to explore the complexity.

This first image shows the Earth divided into blobs that fit together like a puzzle.

This is the brands logo




This original Blobbo image shows the timeline and life of an entity, it became known as 'Flash of Life'




This large Blobbo picture shows a unique purple dimension with many characters including an entity named The Creator who represents God and Perfection

Available as a tapestry in the shop!

Time is

not Real

Another classic Blobbo Image. This one explores the mystery of time and the feelings it can bring. In the center with the clock eyes, we meet an entity named Time Keeper. His job is to hold the timeline together.


This was the first painting that was remastered and is available for purchase as a poster and tapestry as well as the original painting!



This image shows an underwater Blobbo Dimension with entity Tentaclock at the center



Warped Music explores the concept of dark music through conveying an eerie vibe with some spooky blobs and a distorted piano.

pink dimension

This image explores love and the wide range of emotions it brings. follow the rollercoaster of this Blobbo classic and meet the many entities who live here!

in the center we find Blobbo entity 'The Createress'. although the true creator does not have a companion in a form like this, the entity is more meant to represent femininity and companionship.


Sleepy Land

Welcome to sleepy land! the Blobbo version of the place we all visit at the end of the day when we peacefully slip into unconsciousness on a fluffy pillow. while you are asleep you are greeted by the friendly entity we see in the center named Snoozle. He is happy to meet you and will gladly show you around the confusing corridors of this spiritual land!



Blobbo Red Dimension shows blob hell and the enemy of the entire blob world, the Devil. This dimension is to be avoided at all costs as all it brings is pain and suffering. 


Blobbo Spawning the dimensions

This anime style Blobbo image shows the character Blobbo conjuring a portal to the Blobbo World. 

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Art Gallery

Welcome to the Blobbo Art Gallery! this is where the blobs come to be respectfully pondered and admired by the masses. take a look around, but do not touch!




This is an exclusive look inside the magical Blobbo cave! in the lore of the story, the character Blobbo stumbles upon a cave illuminated by living blobs. He follows the path deeper and is confronted with trails, when he reaches the end he finds a mysterious plant with flowering paint blobs. a single fruit in the form of a blob entity is floating on the plant. Blobbo consumes the fruit and experiences an enlightening hallucination explaining to him the reality of his world, why it exists and the battle between good and evil that began in the blob dimensions and made its way into the creation of his world. after this, he finds himself empowered with magic giving him the ability to build a link between the worlds that provides a way for the blobs to travel



This is an image of a car that Blobbo spawned in a time crunch situation so he could travel to a necessary location before its too late




Blobbo gains wings and becomes transfigured with ultimate power to fulfill his purpose