About Me

My name is Nick, I am the artist and founder of Blobbo Brand. I work on Blobbo as a side hustle but I have a dream of being able to do this exclusively and support myself with it, especially while being able to travel to all of the US National Parks!

When I have time and effort I work on advancing my art skills and creating more content for the brand. I'm always thinking of ways that I can bring diversity to my portfolio as well as hitting major concepts that I see as necessary for the brand.

a major obstacle I face is funding for my projects and getting merchandise. I request you consider buying products from my shop as it will help me keep making blobs and further develop this world.

My long term goal right now for Blobbo is to one day create an animated series exploring concepts of good and evil. I have a very well thought out storyline in my head I wish to bring to the public in an epic way. stay up to date with my endeavors on instagram @blobbobrand and if you wish to reach out to me for ideas or questions I am always open for conversation!